In House Plan Design

In House Plan Design

ACA Compliance Administration Services

In House (Corporate Staff/ Corporate Responsibilities) Plan Design

  • The ACA allows independent sub-groups to be treated separately for employer shared responsibility (pay or play)
  • Analysis of the current your medical plan to determine if it qualifies for transitional non-calendar year relief
  • Customized plan design of qualified ACA medical plan options meeting the carrier participation requirements for each independent company sub-group.

Administration & Full Time Employee Projection

  • Implementation of an employee administrative/eligibility system thru a weekly payroll feed which will track employee hours of service projecting Full Time eligibility based upon rules engines specific to your company (On-again, Off-again; termination policy vs stability period, etc)
  • Tracks individual employee hours of service during the initial or standard measurement periods
  • Tracks the on-again off-again for the employee hours of service during the measurement periods
  • Tracks the employee hours of service during the stability period
  • COBRA administration
  • An ACA “Handbook for Dummies”, reference guide to common terms, answers for frequently asked questions, monthly updates


Benefit Management

  • An on-line benefit enrollment center and call center in multiple languages. The benefit offering will include the operating company’s qualified ACA plan as well as a menu of voluntary and lifestyle benefits.
  • On-line benefit enrollment for both affordable health care plans and voluntary benefits (exchange format)
  • Call Center counselors provide understandable benefit explanations is multiple languages.
  • 6055 & 6056 reporting the 1094/1095 annual IRS reports which track employee offers of coverage generally require both payroll and HRIS data.
  • TEKcare’s technology offers the reporting as a bundled feature providing clients with a convenient option.